STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia

Meet Shaundra Wood: Math Speaks...

April 19, 2022 Dr. Natoshia Anderson
STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia
Meet Shaundra Wood: Math Speaks...
STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia +
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Show Notes

Episode Summary

She was introduced to math at age five and was hooked since then. She had amazing math teachers throughout her academic career. She wanted to be an engineer when she went to college. She struggled in calculus courses and with some of the engineering courses. She switched majors to mathematics.  She learned how to study and how to be a student in college. She has used that experience and her love of math to influence students everywhere. Math Speaks, Inc. is her organization

Math Speaks is a national non-profit organization that engages, empowers, and exposes middle school students of color from economically disadvantaged communities to STEM experiences and careers through the exploration of math topics. Through their culturally responsive after-school and professional development programs, we empower the next generation of innovators and leaders to change the world.

Shuandra Woods Bio
She is an 11- year experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. I am Skilled in Staff Development, Educational Leadership, Teaching, Lesson Planning, and Curriculum Development. Strong education professional with a Bachelor of Science - BS focused in Computational and Applied Mathematics / Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is currently pursuing an Educational Doctorate in Math Education.


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