STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia

Meet Dr. Simone Soso: The Road Less Traveled; Tigers, HBCUs, STEM Equity and Equality

May 10, 2022 Dr. Natoshia Anderson
STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia
Meet Dr. Simone Soso: The Road Less Traveled; Tigers, HBCUs, STEM Equity and Equality
STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia +
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Show Notes

Episode Summary

1. Dr. Soso is a badass. She has traveled the world using STEM as her guide. Her road is unlike anyone I've heard so far. From the zoo to the jungles of India. But that just goes to show you the power and reach of being in the world of STEM. 

2. There is still a need for STEM exposure and opportunities in communities of color. We have to be invested in ensuring that our children have the same opportunities as all other children. 

3. We know our children are brilliant and need the opportunity to showcase it. 

4. We still need to provide opportunities for our college graduates. We have to hold companies accountable for the still dismal numbers of minorities on the payroll at ALL levels of the leadership pipeline. 

Dr. Simone Soso Bio.

Dr. Soso is a Program Manager and Research Associate at the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network. At QEM, she performs project management leadership of grants, development of grant proposals, outreach and recruitment of STEM experts to engage in workshop implementation for Minority Serving Institution (MSI) STEM faculty proposal development and training, and capacity building. Prior to joining QEM, she was an American Association for the Advancement of Science (Science and Technology Policy) Fellow at the National Science Foundation for two years. She had a placement with the NSF ADVANCE program where she was responsible for evaluating programs in the Education and Human Resources Directorate and presenting findings to policymakers, scientific professionals, and other stakeholders. Dr. Soso is the developer and former project manager of the National Science Foundation's STEM Diversity and Inclusion Video Exhibition Challenge (STEM DIVE). This NSF-wide initiative showcased the work of NSF-funded projects that focused on diversifying the STEM workforce. Dr. Soso has over ten years of experience in the development, implementation, evaluation, and data analysis of scientific-educational programs and research projects. Dr. Soso has worked on many projects focused on enhancing the recruitment, retention, sustainability, and career development of students traditionally underrepresented in STEM. 

Dr. Soso is a trained animal ecologist with expertise in lion and tiger scent-marking communication. She earned her B.S. degree in Animal Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, an M.S. degree in Animal Health Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Iowa State University.


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